As our name Earthwise Oils suggests, we LOVE this earth we all call home and strive to be wise stewards of it. 

We seek to provide you with Essential Oils and plant-based products that have minimal impact on the earth. We want our products to come from plants that are grown, harvested and produced in an ethical manner and that have a positive effect on local communities. 

Whenever possible, we choose packaging materials that are precycled or recycled and that can be easily reused or recycled by you. 

Net Zero Goals - From inception Earthwise Oils has taken a mindful, systematic approach to minimizing the impact we have on our environment.  At our facility we are continually looking for ways to reduce waste, energy and water use.  It is our goal to achieve both a Net Zero Waste [1] and a Net Zero Water [2] impact.  One of the immediate ways to begin realizing our Net Zero Waste goal is to reuse clean packing materials.  Landfills don't need packing peanuts, bubble wrap and those little plastic bags filled with air.  The packing materials your order arrives in may be different each time, but rest assured that the packing materials will always be clean. Likely, you'll be able to reuse or repurpose it.

[1] Achieving Net Zero Waste means reducing, reusing, and recovering waste streams to convert them to valuable resources with zero solid waste sent to landfills over the course of the year. [3] 

[2] Achieving Net Zero Water means limiting the consumption of water resources and returning it back to the same watershed so as not to deplete the resources of that region in quantity or quality over the course of the year. [3]

[3] Definition taken from EPA website