A Bit About Earthwise


Why Earthwise Started

Having spent a lifetime enjoying the benefits plants can provide, as well as working with essential oils and plant based materials professionally for 20+ years, our founder has watched public awareness of essential oils go from nearly nonexistent to headlines in the media.  While thrilled to see the 'old ways' making a comeback, she was also deeply concerned over the poor to dangerous information being propagated and unreasonably high prices being charged by companies who hold the dollar in higher esteem than ethics.   

Equipped with knowledge, experience and vision, she set out to start an essential and botanical oil company that focuses on:

  • Bringing you the finest quality products from plants that are grown, harvested and produced in an ethical manner being mindful of the ecosystems and communities that provide them

  • Keeping the plant-based cultural traditions of our forebearers alive

  • Providing you clear, easy-to-understand information that is rooted in both history and science with plenty of how to’s and other inspirations

Earthwise Oils believes these amazing gifts of nature, along with the knowledge of how to safely and effectively use them, should be assessable to anyone who wants to set out on this path of discovery.  We are committed to making this possible.

Tread Lightly

Photo By:  Giles Denham (c) 2016

Photo By:  Giles Denham (c) 2016

As our name Earthwise Oils suggests, we LOVE this earth we all call home and strive to be wise stewards of it. 

We seek to provide you with Essential Oils and plant-based products that have minimal impact on the earth. We want our products to come from plants that are grown, harvested and produced in an ethical manner and that have a positive effect on local communities...


A Bit about Our Founder

Photo By:  Giles Denham (c) 2016

Photo By:  Giles Denham (c) 2016

Founder of Earthwise Oils, Laura Zielinski, has had a lifelong love affair with the diversity, history and usages of plants.

From early childhood Laura’s love of useful plants was cultivated by her Grandma Zielinski who used many Appalachian healing ways.  Her maternal Great Aunt Margaret also took Laura to roam the fields looking for plants used in old Swedish remedies, and from her Dad, she inherited the gift of making green things grow...