A Bit About Our Founder

Founder of Earthwise, Laura Zielinski, has had a lifelong love affair with the diversity, history and usages of plants.

From early childhood Laura’s love of useful plants was cultivated by her Grandma Zielinski who used many Appalachian healing ways.  Her maternal Great Aunt Margaret also took Laura to roam the fields looking for plants used in old Swedish remedies, and from her Dad, she inherited the gift of making green things grow. 
Thanks to her lifelong passion for historically useful plants, Laura went on to receive her Bachelor degree in Plant Science and Environmental Sciences.  She earned her Minnesota Master Gardener certification in 1998 and again as a Wisconsin Master Gardener in 2000.  
During the past 20 years Laura has had a diverse career which includes: agricultural research for the University of Minnesota, working in medical device, compounding natural based topical alternatives to pharmaceuticals, quality systems, regulatory, compliance, public speaker and trainer. She consults to the skincare, surface care, air care and pharmaceutical industries.  She is hired to develop new product lines and help create both US-based and internationally-based companies. 

The first business she developed and launched was Dragonfly Soap Works in 2004.  As a formulation chemist who specialized in creating nature based products and as someone who suffered from dry, easily irritated skin, Laura knew she could create a natural-based skincare line that was far superior to what was available in the mass market.  Nearly two decades after creating the soap formula Dragonfly Soap Works uses to this day (and having their very first customers still purchasing soap from them year after year), it seems she was onto something. 

Now, Laura's lifelong passion for useful plants, continued quest for botanical knowledge, together with her diverse professional experiences (including years as a business owner listening to what people are seeking from useful botanicals) has come together to create Earthwise Oils, LLC. 

If you have questions, ideas or concerns, you can always reach Laura direct at LauraZ@EarthwiseOils.com.